About Us

Our Passion : The Passion of Our Work:

Through a combination of art
appreciation and passion in real estate…

Through a combination of art appreciation and passion in real estate, we meticulously create homes with a unique design for each of our projects. Our homes are designed and thoroughly plan to each centimeter for optimal functionality. Our focus of creation lies in our attention to detail and our strive for continuous development.

Supanee Chunharakchote
Managing Director
Supanee Chunharakchote
Managing Director

Our Story : Our Story of Becoming EC Group

Looking back for the past 30 years, EC Group has overcome countless obstacles and challenges to become the company we are today. Just like any ordinary man, we worked hard on our path to success. Like any form of a journey, there are ups and downs and potholes along the way, but we will prevail. From our first project in Pattaya, we now have expanded to all three EEC provinces. Our belief since 30 years ago still holds true until today: we do not simply run a real estate business, we do not simply design a house, we do not simply work to make money...we believe that a home is a family's memory box where everyone can choose to live the life they want and deserve.

And despite being on this real estate journey for so long, we will always welcome any new "potholes" or "obstacles" because to us, these are "lessons" and "discoveries". We believe that when we learn, we grow...and EC Group will continue to grow.

We hope to continue being this ordinary man on a journey and create these keepsake boxes to fill with all of life's wonderful memories for you.

Meechai Chunharakchote
Meechai Chunharakchote

Our Success : Our Success

What is success?” One person's definition of success surely differs from another. However, for EC Group, we define success as the joy of our customers living in our creation.

We believe that when a person chooses to buy a house, he or she considers beyond just the product itself. It is a choice based on so many various elements like physical and mental well-being, safety, health, community, environment, or even pride. We take pride in creating over 5,000 homes-- that is over 5,000 families filling happy and special memories in our keepsake boxes. That is our success.

Past & Present Projects

  • 2022
    Pano Zen
  • 2021
    The Pano Bangpakong
    The Grand Pano
  • 2020
    The Mix Nikompattana
    The Masters
  • 2019
    The Mix Chalet
  • 2018
    The Mix Grand
  • 2017
    Rayong Beach Park 2
    The Mix City
    The Mix Twin
  • 2016
    The Mix Town
  • 2015
    Pano Village
    The Mix
  • 2014
    Pano View
  • 2011
    The Tree
    The Vista
  • 2010
    Metro Park
  • 2009
    Country Home Lake & Park
  • 2007
    The Boulervard
  • 2006
    Palm Place
    Central Park Hillside
  • 2005
    Home Town
  • 2004
    Central Park 4/2
    Country Home 3
  • 2003
    Central Park 5
  • 2001
    Central Park 4 /1
    Country Home 2
  • 1999
    Country Home 1
  • 1995
    Terrace Hill
  • 1993
    Central Park 3
  • 1990
    Central Park 2
  • 1988
    Central Park 1